Innovative teaching methods ensures that you will easily learn to defend yourself



No Uniforms, belts or kata



Authentic "combat" tested principles taught. Safe and realistic training

Floro Fighting Systems


The eight arms of the symbol represent the angles of attack or of strikes. The dots at the end and at the intersection of the arms at the centre, represent thrusts. They also represent the direction of footwork and movement.

One of the essential elements of the system is the small circle near the centre. This emphasises that the execution of techniques avoids wide, unnecessary movements, therefore enhancing speed, power and timing.
Some of the arms are broken and some are full. This represents the other essential
ingredient that one needs to master - broken timing and broken rythm. You need to break the opponents timing and rythm and moves within the system take advantage of this.

The colours of the logo are representative of the colours of the Filipino flag which reminds us that the art has its ancestry in the Philippines.

The name Floro Fighting Systems was coined because Raymond Floro learned from many masters including Tony Diego, Rommie Macapagal, Edgar Sulite, Christopher Ricketts, Tony Dedal, and Angelo Santangelo to name a few.






::  Floro Fighting Systems ::

Specialist in Filipino Arts:
- Empty Hands
- Knife Fighting
- Single Sticks
- Double Sticks
- Swordplay
Specialise in one or all.

Innovative teaching methods ensures that you will easily learn to fight effectively regardless of age, experience or expertise.
No forms, drills or katas.

- Private lessons
- Seminars and workshops


"After 10 minutes of knife sparring Raymond had made a believer out of me."

-Sgt. Jeff Guthery
United States Army Special Forces
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