"Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication" ~ Leonardo DaVinci.

Here's The Information About Dealing With a
Violent Edged Weapons Confrontation That
Ray Floro Thought Was "Essential" After
Thinking About It For Six Years!



It doesn’t matter if you are a Boxer, Kickboxer, Karate or
Kung-Fu guy, Wrestler or Jiu-Jitsu  practitioner, Instructor or Novice, or simply just someone who wants to be confident they know what to do in the event of an armed threat or attack.


Ray Floro has put together an instructional two disk DVD program that is simple, effective and immediately useable in any confrontation  that involves edged weapons!


After years of solid development and testing his Floro Fighting System program with elite military and police units in the US and Australia, Ray Floro is finally satisfied that he has a system that is simple and effective, easy to integrate into any training routine and ready for release with this step-by-step DVD instructional package.




Many systems of edged weapon defensive tactics involve years of training and the skills and reflexes of an elite athlete in order for the techniques to work!
Most people simply do not have the time or in some cases even the natural abilities to functionalise these tactics so that they are usable in a conflict environment.

That is why so many Military and Law Enforcement organizations choose Ray's system when it comes to edge weapon training. They simply do not have the time to spend years or even weeks to get this right, these guys simply need something they can use straight away, on that very day if need be.

The Floro fighting system approaches edged weapon training from a different direction, putting simplicity, immediate usability and effective functionality highest in its order of priorities

Ray's system is also easily integrated into these various organiations existing training methods and practices.

It’s increasingly clear that edged weapon violence in everyday society is no longer just a threat to Military and Law Enforcement personnel. It has become an issue that affects all people who are concerned with self defence and personal protection. Whether you are a Martial Arts Instructor that is looking for a useable system to integrate into your existing art or an individual who is training in some form of self defence discipline, or simply a person that lives or works in a high risk environment, the information and tactics contained on the Essential Ray Floro DVD set can benefit you!

The information on this program will give you a solid understanding of how edged weapons work and a realistic view of how to defend against being injured by an armed assailant.

Here are just some of the topics covered in this DVD instructional program.

  • You will learn the essential foundation moves of Floro fighting Systems.
  • You will learn how to take a handful of defensive moves that are easily integrated into your particular style to create a system that works for you against various methods of edged weapon attack.
  • You will learn concepts to maximize your range without moving your feet.
  • You will be taught methods and principles that have a universal tactical quality and are applicable to all manner of improvised, impact and edged weapons.
  • You will learn the key principles on how to develop the Floro fighting System non-telegraphic strike.
  • You will be shown advanced options and variations to allow more effective simple attack and defence tactics.
  • You’ll learn long range non-telegraphic striking methods and strategies.
  • You will be taught methods on how to effectively protect yourself in the crucial area of close quarter fighting.
  • You be shown step-by-step instructions on how to deal with an opponent who is aggressively charging and pressing a rapid piston like edged weapon attack.
  • You will be taught real world simple methods that are applicable to all manner of scenarios, of defending yourself unarmed against an armed attack.
  • You’ll be taught the principles of the Floro Fighting System deceptive combat strategy.
  • You will learn how to set up your opponent to ensure your attack is successful. 
  • How to create openings through deception and drawing you assailant. 
  • You will be shown how to use longer weapons of opportunity like magazines, walking canes and umbrellas for devastating defensive moves against an armed assailant.
  • You will be shown specialised combat tactics to use against a more skilled opponent.
  • You will learn the Floro Fighting System method of bridging the distance between you and your opponent at extreme long range.


Check out what those who have first hand knowledge of
Ray Floro's System had to say....


Ray Floro is the finest edged weapon expert that I have had the honour to train with. It is the simplicity and effectiveness of Ray’s system that has allowed the adoption of some his concepts into the current military unarmed combat program. I strongly recommend the Floro Fighting System as a no frills edged weapon system that really works.

Major Travis Faure’
Officer Commanding
Military Unarmed Combat – Australian Army

Ray reminds me of a physics professor who once told me that progress comes from reducing the principles needed to explain how the world works.
Ray is like that-- he is not just non-telegraphic and really quick, he is a thoughtful man who seeks the essence.

"Crafty Dog"
Marc Denny
Dog Brothers

Ray Floro doesn't conform for the sake of conforming. He won't teach anything that he hasn't personally pulled off not once but thousands of times. I'd highly recommend anyone seeking skills sets that are applicable as soon as you finish viewing them to order "The Essential Ray Floro" DVD. Ray's a refreshingly true FMA maverick. Remember them?

Tuhon Rafael Kayanan,
Sayoc International Group

Simple, Direct and Effective. I am a policeman of 13 years and a full time SWAT operator in one of the largest police forces in the southern hemisphere. I am a Weapons and Defensive Tactics Trainer and have instructed many police in Ray's system. Ray's methods are brutally effective and extremely efficient to learn, which makes them easy to retain under real world pressures. The techniques are versatile and can be adapted easily to fit any training program. I have no hesitation in recommending Ray's training methods and I consider him to be an extremely competent instructor in an area which allows little margin for error.

Matt Hamilton  
Senior “Less Lethal" Instructor

I first met Ray Floro in Canberra, when we were both engaged to instruct soldiers undertaking a Military Unarmed Combat course. Ray was there to educate the troops in the simple but highly effective system of dealing with edged weapon attacks. I found him to be engaging, professional and refreshingly honest in his delivery. Since that initial meeting, I have had the pleasure of working with him in instructing law enforcement and military personnel both here and overseas. Ray is the real deal.

John Will
National Director
Machado BJJ


When I step into the cage I have all my weapons on me and I know what weapons my opponent has. I always come prepared.
When I step onto the street it's a whole new world. So I go to the best
out there, Ray Floro, because I always want to be prepared."

The King of Rock n Rumble
Elvis Sinosic

Whether with edged, impact or improvised weapons, or empty handed, the Floro Fighting System presents principles and training methodologies that are at once fully integrated, sophisticated, and deceptively simple.
 I have had the pleasure of training with Ray both publicly and privately, and he offers insights and skills for weapons applications that are highly refined and state of the art. There are few trainers that I actively recommend to people seeking real world weapons skills.
Ray Floro is one of them.

Chris  Leblanc
Special Operations
SWAT officer

My personal opinion is that this day was by far the best weapon related training I have ever experienced.
Rays ability to train and his easy to follow systems are word class.

Ray is a consummate professional; his manner was relaxed and made for a very informative training session. Rays approach to weapons has completely changed my mind set when faced with a weapon threat.

Constable Johnathan Humphreys
New Zealand Police

Here are Comments That Came in Just Days After
The DVD's Release!

Hi Ray

Thanks for the great DVD. The information is great, and extremely practical, I’m already integrating it into my weaponry class with the students receiving with avid enthusiasm.
It adds to the material that you worked on at the Police College in NZ last year that I had already integrated into my system, once again thanks.


Academy of Combat
New Zealand

Posted On "Blitz" Forum.

Hi Everyone,

Here is a quick review of the Essential Ray Floro DVD.

As you guys know I am an instructor of FFS so I won't go too much into the content of the DVD other than to say that it is the best Edged weapon program out there.

The DVD comes nicely wrapped and finished from the manufacturers, it even arrived quickly through snail mail (Aus post) to Karratha.

Ray has divided the DVD into "lesson" chapters on both DVDs. There is a quick overview of what each lesson comprises on the back of the DVD case. The way the content is set out in the DVDs may seem a little strange too some but this is how Ray teaches one on one and has found that it is the quickest and easiest way for anyone to pick the concepts up, me included.

Production wise the DVD is put together very well, I don't think a big production company could have done much better without making it too flashy. The angles the DVD is shot from makes things very easy to pick up and learn.

Content wise, has all the things an Edged Weapon DVD should have, how to use them and most importantly how to defend against them either armed or unarmed. I have learnt quite a few up to date unarmed knife concepts and I have to say FFS is the easiest to learn and use plus it will give you the highest percentage of surviving an Edged Weapon attack! In my opinion any way.......

All in all the DVD was very well shot and produced and will make learning from it a breeze. I have quite a few instructional DVDs and a lot of them are crap camera angles and so on which make learning very hard but this DVD is one of those exceptions.

Money very very well spent.
Matt Lawson

Hi Ray,

This DVD is way cool . . . just like being at a seminar with Ray except you can rewind over and over! It is one of the best I have seen both content and production-wise. Definitely a must-own for anyone wanting to explore edged weapons! Well done Ray!


Posted on "Total Protection Interactive" Forum.

Hi Guys,

My copy of the DVD's just arrived today and I'm currently going through my second viewing. Overall I think the series is excellent!I won't go into what is covered, as the description covers it very well, but I'd have paid the same price just for an explanation of the footwork alone. The system seems like it would work pretty much seamlessly with the Shivworks material, focusing more on fighting at longer ranges, then letting the REM DVD's take over for close range fighting and in-fight weapons access.

Definitely one worth buying! ________________ TheFifthColumn


Hey Ray,

The DVD arrived yesterday, anyhow I just finished watching the DVD, and I just wanted to say Thank you!!  The DVD is a great wide range of skills compiled into a compact ways to allow anyone to integrate the tactics you teach.  I am simply amazed by the way you easily and clearly demonstrate the knowledge into physical application.

Cheers to you Ray!!  I am sure this DVD will clearly help all of us Martial Artists to acquire new thoughts and concepts to better ourselves.

Many Thanks to you again.

Sincerely, Jee Choi
Renton, WA. USA

Hi Ray,

I received my copy of your two (2) set DVD instructional about 1 week ago. I've experienced many systems or tricks regarding the knife in combat and I must say that the system that you have developed here and are always evolving is straight forward and very practical. The information is packed with realistic concepts that WILL save your life in a knife encounter. Your generosity in sharing this information to the general public has to be commended because I know that the concepts and ideas in your DVD/Program has already saved lives and will save someone's life in the future.

You are a credit to the combat/martial art/Filipino community. Please continue your work. Your instruction and kindness/humbleness is evident. All I can wish is the very best for you my friend.

Hope your well and take care!


Luis A Rodriguez
Naples, FL, USA

Posted On "Blitz" Forum.

Hi Ray,

I just watched it, all i can say is well done you're very ingenious, love the theories and concepts and practicality, kinematics-easy techniques, not like other methods that are really complicated.

The universal block kind of reminds me of that position in kata where you're moving from one techique to the next and cross your arms, i will highly recomend to all my MA buddies.


Posted On "Blitz" Forum.

Ok guys, another review of Rays outstanding DVD.

Firstly, you do not have to be a "knife guy" to benefit greatly from Rays stuff. Rays simple but incredibly effective concepts are readily transferable to both open and closed baton and improvised weapons such as torches of all sizes. FFS concepts are highly suitable for Law Enforcement and Security applications and the most valuable concepts are compatable with existing defensive tactics doctrine.

If you want to learn the best "real" edged weapons and stick work on the planet, both offensive and defensive, and can't make it to Sydney to train with Ray, this DVD is exactly what you need to get started. Ray is an expert in this field and internationally recognised as such.

As MattL has said, the quality and presentation is quite good.

Lesson one starts with the FFS grip. It is quite deceptive in that it enables both slash's and thrusts. Rays stance allows you to move your body quickly in either direction - either away from the attack or towards the attacker to counter attack. The arm is not left exposed and the bodymechanics enable fast non-telegraphic strikes and maximum use of long range, while still being able to close the gap lighting fast.

Ray shows some drills he uses to develop speed and avoid premption/anticipation, which is essential to developing the non-telegraphic strike.

Lesson 2 - covers the slash strike and the angle matrix. The angle matrix can be used for empty hand strikes as well.

Lesson 3 - the universal shield and the latch. The universal shield, so called because this cover, a modern day evolution of the x block actually covers against ALL attacks and angles of attack. It is the fallback when all else fails. The latch is used to block and grab the knife arm when sitting or pinned against a wall etc.

Lesson 4 and 5 - deceptions, fakes, setups and strategy - this is what really sets FFS well apart from the FMA crowd when weapons sparring. There is also a session on longer stick/improvised weapons. Rays unique methodology is very easily learnt, has a high probability of success and a low probablity of injury right from the first lesson.

This DVD set is just like Rays highly acclaimed seminars. What sets Ray apart from most other instructors is that he proves everything he teaches by putting on the gear and sparring with the new skill immediately.

In summary, I have seen DVD's from some of the worlds leading instructors and this DVD set is the only one that I have watched more than twice.

Well worth the low price!


Posted On "IRONGARMx" Forum.

First, let me say that I do not claim to be a knife expert in any way. I've always been interested in knife fighting, I've attended knife fighting seminars, and I do a bit in my training, but there are many, many others far more qualified than I am. Tom Furman can answer more questions than I can on this subject so let me defer to him as our local forum expert.

Also, my personal knife fighting plan is to run like hell or shoot them if I can. I have zero interest in every being caught in a knife fight. The truth, however, is that even if I was armed with a gun someone under 20 feet away can probably close the distance and stab me before I can draw. (especially from a concealed position) I can draw pretty quick, but most people in that distance will get stabbed before they get off a shot - even TRAINED folks. (See the Tueller Drill as an example of this. . . . ) Also - See Gabe Suarez and Marc Denny (Dog Brothers guy) for empty hand to knife to gun transition work . . . . ) So the point is that having a gun will not always help so you need to know what to do.

"The Essential Ray Floro" is the best Knife Fighting DVD I've ever seen. It is beautifully simple but brutally effective. I really like what I've seen from the Sayoc guys and the Atienza guys, but there is a depth and complexity there that I do not have the time to pursue given my other training priorities. Floro's stuff is extremely well thought out, very easy to understand, and most importantly, it's something that a lot of people can grasp and practice AND reproduce. That is the key here. THIS is something I can incorporate into my existing training routine. (and that is part of why its so very good)

To put it into perspective, this is something I feel like I could teach my 60 year old Dad. The techniques are simple, but flexible, and if I could teach the basic stabs and cuts, defense, and footwork, he'd have a nice foundation to work from.

Do not think that because this stuff is simple that it has limited effectiveness. Ray has created a wonderful simplicity that has more than enough flexibility to scale up to more complex fighting scenarios.

Ray's resume includes:

Okinawan Karate
Italian Fencing to National Level
Modern Arnis
Balintawak Eskrima
Lameco Eskrima (3rd Degree)
Kalis Illustrismo (Master Teacher)
BJJ with John Will and Michael Jenn

(Thanks Tom for this background info)

Some of his fencing footwork is scary as hell. Ray is so fast and he can reach out and touch you from much further away than you'd imagine.

Absolutely awesome stuff . . . . I'll buy anything else Ray puts out for sure. This DVD is going into my 'never get rid of' stack.

I can't say enough good things about it


Posted On Physicalstrategies.com

If I had to send you to a far away place, with nasty people who wanted to kill you,… even on the plane to that nasty place,.. and I could only give you indirect advise and not personal instruction, I would give you The Essential Ray Floro DVD set. It is not that complex, it does not have a tool for every occasion. It just has the right tools for the right occasion.For those of you who do not know Ray Floro, let me give you his background. He is a Filipino martial arts practitioner who lives in Australia. His voice, or methodology has been heard around the world.

His background includes Okiniwan Karate, Modern Arnis, Balintawak, Lameco Eskrima, Illustrisimo Kalis, and Western Fencing. Mix in a health dose of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with John Will, and a flavoring of Aussie street methodology by his peers in Oz, and you get an eclectic warrior. He teaches the Australian State Police, Special Forces Teams, and many other Special Response Units. No mystery here,.. photos and letters of recommendation are all over the ‘net. What is unique is what he teaches them,… VERY few techniques.

Ray’s idea is to see how few techniques it takes to deal with every situation. To summerize his methods,.. Ray’s whole system is to get the utmost out of the minimum.Many of us have been bugging Ray for years to put his thought process on DVD and let us get more of a glimpse of his fighting methods than YouTube allows.

Well,… He finally did it. He produced, "The Essential Ray Floro". Ray managed to cover tremendous amounts of material in a slick, professional manner. The DVD is divided up into lessons, much like if you were a personal student of Ray’s. He takes you through footwork, angulation, striking patterns, fakes, improvised weaponry, empty hand vs blades, and blade vs blade. He actually spars the patterns and shows the methods vs aggressive force. Of particular interest is Ray’s use of improvised weapons which may be worth the price of the entire set. It’s just that good.

This DVD set gets the highest rating from Physicalstrategies.com.

In fact look for future collaborations between Floro Fighting Systems and Physicalstrategies.

Tom Furman


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