Innovative teaching methods ensures that you will easily learn to defend yourself



No Uniforms, belts or kata



Authentic "combat" tested principles taught. Safe and realistic training

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Defense with Flexible Tool
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Sword Sparring

Tatang Ilustrisimo and Tony Diego Training mid 1980's
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Tatang Ilustrisimo and Tony Diego Training mid 1980's with knives
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FFS A Professional Perspective

Interview with Raymond Floro

Interview with Sgt. Jeff Guthrey, US Special Forces

Special Forces Training

The Men of Kalis Ilustrisimo

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Floro Fighting Systems: A Professional Perspective

C. LeBlanc FFS Instructor and SWAT Team member explores how FFS applies to the armed professional.

Ray Floro Article from

"The problem with Filipino fighting arts in America and Europe is that many instructors have taken simple and direct techniques and have made them overly complicated. They've created this baroque over-elaboration in an effort to attract more students and build their organization...

And that's why I like Raymond Floro, he's one of the only Filipino instructors to admit the truth publicly! He acknowledges that most FMA styles teach superfluous movements and don't prepare students for reality. He will also prove his point in person, one-on-one, to anyone, and has done so many times..."      

Article on Sgt. Jeff Guthery and Special Forces Training

"Throughout its 30-year existence, the United States Army Special Forces Detachment-Korea has trained alongside Republic of Korea Special Forces units since the latter's inception in the early 1960s..."



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Innovative teaching methods ensures that you will easily learn to fight effectively regardless of age, experience or expertise.
No forms, drills or katas.

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"After 10 minutes of knife sparring Raymond had made a believer out of me."

-Sgt. Jeff Guthery
United States Army Special Forces
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