Innovative teaching methods ensures that you will easily learn to defend yourself



No Uniforms, belts or kata



Authentic "combat" tested principles taught. Safe and realistic training

Floro Fighting Systems

Chief FFS Instructor Ryamond Floro has a long history in the martial arts, in both easter and western systems. As such has been able to find common ground between all systems of edged weapon combat to develop a truly unique and effective system.

Ray's martial arts background is both indepth and varied, he holds high level rankings in numerous traditional martial arts including Kalis Ilustrisimo, and Lameco Eskrima. Ray has been accredited by the founders of these very systems as an instructor.

Since developing FFS, Ray has been touring demonstrating and teaching his unique system to other martial artists, real based self-defense instructors, and police and military units throughout the world. Ray has beeen specifically requested to instruct numerous military units for which he reveived the Award for Excellence by Lieutenant General Philip Kensinger (the commanding general of the US Army Special Operations Command).


Accrediting Documents

Kalis Ilustrisimo Repeticion Original:
Accreditation Certificate (Click Here)

Letter of Accreditation:
Signed by Grandmaster Antonio 'Tatang' Ilustrisimo
Accreditation Letter (Click Here)

Letter of Authorization:
Instructor and Head Representive, Australia
Signed by Grandmasters 'Tatang' & Tony Diego
Accreditation Letter (Click Here)



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Specialist in Filipino Arts:
- Empty Hands
- Knife Fighting
- Single Sticks
- Double Sticks
- Swordplay
Specialise in one or all.

Innovative teaching methods ensures that you will easily learn to fight effectively regardless of age, experience or expertise.
No forms, drills or katas.

- Private lessons
- Seminars and workshops


"After 10 minutes of knife sparring Raymond had made a believer out of me."

-Sgt. Jeff Guthery
United States Army Special Forces
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