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No Uniforms, belts or kata



Authentic "combat" tested principles taught. Safe and realistic training

Floro Fighting Systems

Realistic Edged Weapon Training for the Civilian and Armed Professional

Floro Fighting Systems is a system 香港 iq option of Edged Weapon combat and defence that is not only simple to learn, but is one of the most effective systems of self defence available today.

Efficient, direct and immediate, FFS is one of the very few styles that is still based on the blade, and is used by civilians and members of the military, and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

With over 30 years of experience, Raymond has instructed internationally: US Special Forces, Korean Special Forces, various SWAT teams, and the New Zealand iq option Police and nationally members of the Australian Federal Police and Military have individually sought private instruction.

In 2003 Raymond was engaged formally by Major Travis Faure to update and develop the, ' Edged Weapon Awareness' (EWA) package for the Military Self Defence (MSD) program. Since then Raymond has annually presented this package at the Australian Defence Force Academy and other individual Army units. Raymond is utilised as an impact/edged weapon Subject Matter Expert and is currently working with the instructors of the newly established Army Military Unarmed Combat (MUC) Cell . The MUC Cell, headed by Major Travis Faure is working to develop a simple, effective yet comprehensive program to meet the increased responsibilities of Less-than-Lethal responses.

The aim is for all MSD supervisors to be able to deliver the EWA package with Raymond working with the instructors to increase their knowledge and skill base in this evolving area.

Raymond is currently working with the NSW Police to introduce a new "Edged Weapons Defence" program into 香港 the Force.


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::  Floro Fighting Systems ::

Specialist in Filipino Arts:
- Empty Hands
- Knife Fighting
- Single Sticks
- Double Sticks
- Swordplay
Specialise in one or all.

Innovative teaching methods ensures that you will easily learn to fight effectively regardless of age, experience or expertise.
No forms, drills or katas.

- Private lessons
- Seminars and workshops


"After 10 minutes of knife sparring Raymond had made a believer out of me."

-Sgt. Jeff Guthery
United States Army Special Forces

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